Are you ready for a baby?

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If you wish to add a member to your family, then a lot of planning should be done before that. It doesn’t matter even if it is your first child or perhaps your third. There are quite a few things that you need to discuss and sort before moving on with the plan of having a baby. The addition of new member will affect several things which include finance, his/her sibling or even career. Therefore, you should try to consider all these basic situations that might get affected when you have a baby.


Having a baby is obviously expensive. The best time to think about your money situation is before you get pregnant. Then you can think about how you can handle all the finances after adding a baby to your family finances. You can prepare a list of all of your monthly expenses, covering what you spend on your rent or mortgage, food, attire, transportation,  entertainment, health insurance and several other things you normally spend money on. Calculate the numbers and find out how much you spend every month. Then find out how much money is left each month after spending. If there is any money left, then you are lucky. It means that you spend less than what you earn and hopefully, you might be able to increase the money you save than spend. However, if you are planning on a baby, then you need to cut down some of the money you spend and save it since you are going to have more expenses after the baby is born. Moreover, if you plan to stop working after your baby arrives, then now is the time you can start to cope up with living on less money.



When you have a baby, your life changes completely, particularly for the women. It is more of responsibility. And women holds a significant share in bearing the responsibility for raising their little ones. It involves combining the manner in which the society treats parents (not well) on top of the manner in which society treats women. You baby will require all your time you have in this world. They take all your sleep and other essential and luxurious needs that you may have experienced till now. So, if you think you are all set to give up all those things whole-heartedly for the newcomer in your life and family, then you can go ahead with your plans happily. The time you become a parent, your time will begin to shift. Once you become a parent, time shifts. How long do you take to go to the store and return? 20 minutes? With the arrival of your baby, 20 minutes might change to one hour, accounting for bundling, dawdling, snack-packing, car-seat-fiddling, and several other extra steps.



This is one question that you are going to ask yourself when you plan for a baby or is expecting. However, the answer may differ for each mum-to-be. And there’s no easy or correct answer for the question too. Family activities are far more essential to a child’s outcome than anything else. And that describes why a mother’s perspective about work counts for so much. The trouble is that most of the mums go through an emotional roller coaster for many months after their delivery, and that can make it difficult to judge one’s actual feelings about work. New emotions may blindside even a mum who loves her job. So how is it that you decide what’s suitable for your family? It begins with a rational evaluation of the trade-offs you encounter and to give yourself some time to make a decision if you’re staggering. You’ll also have to consider how marketable you’ll be after a halt in your work life. Every field takes in some penalty for those who take some time off; the question is if it’s one you can bear.

Bigger space

Think about whether you require a bigger house to fit your baby? In the beginning, you might find them snuggled into a small basket. However, it won’t be the same for long. You will find their stuffs spread all over the house and the spare room becomes a nursery. Then comes their school and college loads and their sports and hobby items. They might even probably need an extra room apart from their own room.

Family dynamics

When your baby arrives, everything in your small family begins to revolve around him/her. Everyone in your household begins to make changes to greet the new member of the family. Your family life enters a new epoch, where the family dynamics experience enormous changes. These variations directly influence you, your partner and any other member of the family who is living with you. Your family members must equip themselves to face radical transformations that tag along with the arrival of the new-born blessing.

pregnancy-Family dynamics

If you have decided to go back to work after the birth of your baby, then the working agenda of other family members may also need to change, particularly if the mother is breastfeeding.

If you are a family that relishes having meals together, then this may become difficult when your baby is born. Even if all of you are home for a meal, it may be hard to have everyone at the dinner table when the little one wakes up and needs attention.

Finding time for intimacy may turn to become a new challenge for you and your partner since there will be changes made in the work schedules, and also there will be constant interruptions of the baby crying.