Pregnancy life changes in week 33

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You have now travelled 33 weeks with the baby in your tummy, and now you must be counting the days. The little bundle of joy is now nearly

3-4lbs in weight. They would have grown around 44cm in length. As the final few weeks are nearing, they will most probably grow yet another inch or so just before their birth. The baby is likely to be putting on nearly half a pound each week.

The little one would already have a head of hair and must have perhaps changed the position and moved head down in your womb, with their small legs folded up to their chest. This engaged position prepares them to go further down into your pelvis in readiness for birth!

At this point in time, your baby’s bones are also proceeding to harden, except for the ones in their skull, which remain soft and flexible to allow baby’s head to be born safely.


The immune system of the baby will be completely developed with the antibodies they require for the outside world being transferred from you to your small one in readiness for the birth.

Another important change is that the level of the amniotic fluid will be at its lowest since the baby is now growing rapidly and it is acquiring a lot of space in the uterus. When you have less fluid in the uterus, you are more likely to feel each and every kick of the baby, and it will be even more sharp.

You are apparently feeling and looking ‘pregnant’ now. You may also have adopted the pregnant lady waddle. This is mainly because of the position of the baby.

Moreover, this is the time when you find that you feel a lot exhausted very frequently. You get worn out very easily than usual. Even at this stage of pregnancy, you can try to remain as active as possible. Swimming is one of the brilliant exercises for the mums-to-be since it is both an excellent way to relax and also get a bit of exercise all while being supported by the water and feeling weightless.

You can also provide yourself with an energy boost with the help of nutrient and iron rich snacks when you feel yourself weakening (much good for you than chocolate!) – and of course, get loads of rest and feet up time!

See how your baby is developing

  • The skin of your baby is becoming less red and wrinkled.
  • The skull bone of the baby can compress enough to go through the birth canal while in labour.

It’s been 33 weeks, and your baby will be weighing nearly above 4 pounds. Moreover, he/she would have passed the 17-inch mark, which is approximately the size of a pineapple. He’s quickly losing that wrinkled look, and his skeleton is also hardening. The bones of his/her skull aren’t combined together, which provides them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it simpler for him/her to go through the birth canal. During the birth, the pressure on the head will be very intense that some of the babies will be born with a cone-head–sort of appearance. These bones don’t completely fuse till early adulthood. Hence they can grow as his/her brain and other tissue develop during infancy and childhood.


How Big is Your Baby This Week?

You are into thirty-three weeks of pregnancy, and your baby will be the is the size of that of a pineapple. Lanugo, which is the fine hair that covered her complete body and supported to keep her warm as she developed, is beginning to disappear, but there may still be spots of it on her shoulders and back.

Baby’s Length: The length of the baby will be about 17.20 inches.

Baby’s Weight: He/she will be weighing nearly 4.23 lbs.

A glimpse inside your womb

Skin: The skin of your baby will be less wrinkled and red.

Skull: The skull of the baby will be quite pliable and not fully joined. This will assist him in easing out of your comparatively narrow birth canal.


How your life’s changing

There will be a number of changes taking place as and when the baby fills out space in your belly. You may find yourself waddling because of fo the position of the baby. Getting an easy position to sit in – let alone sleep – is growing more of a challenge. And hitting into chairs and counters is par for the course.

You may be feeling some achiness and even numbness in your fingers, hands and wrists. Like several other tissues in the body, those in your wrist can hold fluid, which can boost pressure in the carpal tunnel, a bony canal in your wrist.

Nerves that go through this “tunnel” may end up pinched, forming numbness, or shooting, tingling or burning pain, or even a dull ache. You can try wearing a splint so as to steady your wrist or propping up your arm with a pillow when you relax. If your work needs repetitive hand movements such as at a keyboard or on an assembly line, do not forget to extend your hands when you take breaks – which should often be.

Most of the women still feel sexy at this stage – and their spouses often agree. You may require making some adjustments, but for many of the women, sex during pregnancy is okay right up till their water breaks or their labour begins.