Pregnancy life changes in week 26

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It is your 26th week, and your baby has started to practice breathing movements employing their small lungs.

The baby is growing really fast, and it now weighs nearly 2lbs and is about 35.5cm long. That is one incredible growth, isn’t it?

If they were born early, they would now have an excellent possibility of survival with professional care.

As and when you reach 26 weeks of your pregnancy, the little one will start breathing in the surrounding amniotic fluid. They will now be all ready to take their first gasps of air after they are born!

Another important progress in the twenty-sixth week is that the baby begins to open their eyes. However, their vision will still be underdeveloped, but this will change over the following weeks.


It’s likely with the increased brain activity your baby will react to particular noises with increased activity or even raised pulse rate.

If the baby in your womb is a boy, then this is the time when their testicles begin to descend into the Scrotum. This is one process that takes around 2/3 months to complete.

The space in your stomach is getting more and more crowded and hence you will be bale to clearly identify the movements of your little one within your tummy. Those twists and turns and are more likely to be firm kicks, and you might often see a foot or perhaps an elbow shape jabbing out!

Sometimes you will also be able to anticipate the times when your darling angel is going to be active or calm by now but do flag up with your midwife or your healthcare provider if you are worried about not feeling your baby move for a while.

As and when your bump proceeds to grow, you might notice yourself becoming a bit hot and bothered, and your skin begins to itch or dry out – or it may even go the other way completely and present you a beautiful crop of hormonal spots! Handle it gently, and try not using harsh chemical products to deal with any of the breakouts. Baggy clothes, lots of cold drinks and also keeping a cooling spray in your handbag should assist you to get through any of the hot flushes or sweaty periods!

See how your baby is developing

  • The nerve pathways in your little one’s ears are evolving.
  • If it is a boy that you have in your tummy, then his testicles are starting to descend into the scrotum.

The pathways of nerves in your baby’s ears is now developing and is more sensitive than it was previously. The baby will now be able to hear your voice as well as your partner’s voice since you chat with each other. He/she will be able to inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is necessary for the growth of his lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also an excellent practice for when he’s born and gets that first gulp of air. Your baby is proceeding to put on some baby fat. He/she will now weigh nearly 1 2/3 pounds and will measure about 14 inches, which is approximately the length of a scallion from the head to the heel.

How Big is Your Baby This Week?

The baby would have grown to the length of that of a zucchini. The eyebrows and eyelashes will be well-defined. Additionally, he/she will have more hair on his/her head this week.

Baby’s Length: The baby will now be having a length of about 14.02 inches.

Baby’s Weight: He/she will weigh nearly 1.68 lb.


A glimpse inside your womb

Back: Now is the time when you notice back pain. And this is due to the shifting centre of gravity. Moreover, the pregnancy hormones will loosen up your joints and ligaments.

Ear: The nerve networks in the ears of your baby are developing. Therefore his/her reaction to the sounds will also be growing consistently.

Genitals: If you’re having a boy, then this is the time when his testicles start to descend into his scrotum. And this process will take about two to three months.


How your life’s changing

You should make sure that you continue to eat the right food and have them regularly. Another important thing that you need to do is to take rest and, drink plenty of water.

When you reach 26 weeks, your blood pressure may also increase slightly, though it’s apparently still lower than it was before you became pregnant. Mostly the blood pressure drops toward the completion of the first trimester, and it tends to reach a low level at around 22 to 24 weeks.

Preeclampsia is a serious condition which is characterised by high blood pressure. It most often comes up after 37 weeks. However, it can occur even before. Therefore, it is necessary to be informed of the warning flags. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have any sort of swelling in your face or perhaps a puffiness around your eyes. Other than that, you should also talk to your doctor if you see more than slight swelling of your hands, extreme or sudden swelling of your ankles or feet and accelerated weight gain (perhaps more than 4 to 5 pounds in a week). With more severe preeclampsia, you may encounter other symptoms. Make sure that your doctor or your midwife knows immediately if you have a severe or a persistent headache, vision changes (which includes double or blurred vision, viewing spots or flashing lights, irritation to light, or temporary vision loss), severe pain or tenderness in your upper abdomen, or even vomiting.

If you feel that your lower back is a little achy recently, then you can thank both your growing uterus – which changes your centre of gravity, extends out and weakens your abdominal muscles, and may be compressing a nerve – as well as hormonal fluctuations that loosen your ligaments and joints. Additionally, the added weight you’re bearing means that you are giving more work for your muscles and also increased stress on the joints. This is the reason why you may feel worse during the end of the day. Walking, sitting or standing for a long period of time, as well as bending and lifting can give a strain on your back. This thus results in back pain.