Pregnancy life changes in week 17

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Seventeen weeks have gone and do you know how much your baby weighs now? He/she must be weighing around 150g. When you reach week 17, you might be starting to feel your growing baby moving around.

The baby is growing day by day, and it is also piling on pounds. They, by now, will be able to fit in the palm of your hand.

The baby’s little face now looks completely human, particularly as their eyebrows and eyelashes have begun to grow. They will be able to move their eyes around. However, their eyelids will remain shut.


The brain is controlling the heartbeat of your baby, and while it might not be irregular, it’ll still be beating at around 140-150 beats a minute – that’s about double as fast as yours!

Moreover, your baby’s toes and fingers will develop their own unique patterns this week as they form the fingerprints that will stay with them for the remaining of their lives.


See how your baby is growing

  • The umbilical cord of your baby is a lifeline to the placenta, and it is growing stronger and thicker.
  • At this point in time, your baby’s sense of hearing is also growing.
  • Your baby’s skeleton is changing from rubbery cartilage into hard bone.

The little angel now weighs 5 ounces, which is similar to that of a turnip. Moreover, she’s about 5 inches long from crown to bottom. She will be able to move her joints, and her sweat glands are beginning to develop.

How Big is Your Baby This Week?

The baby will now be the size of that of a pear, and you might now feel him move (you might be able to feel him when he hiccups).

Baby’s Length: The length of the baby will be around 5.12 inches.

Baby’s Weight: The baby will weight 4.94 oz.


A peek inside your womb

Ear: Sense of hearing is progressing each day for your baby.

Elbow joint: He/she will be able to move all his joints. His skeleton is changing from being a rubbery cartilage into that of a hard bone.

Umbilical cord: The baby’s umbilical cord, which is his lifeline to the placenta, is developing stronger and thicker.


How your life’s changing

You might start to feel a bit off balance. As your tummy grows, your centre of gravity will change, so you may begin to feel a little unsteady on your feet occasionally. Try to dodge situations with a high chance of falling. Try to wear low-heeled shoes to decrease your chance of taking a fall; injury to your abdomen could be risky for you and your baby. You’ll also need to be sure to buckle up when you’re in a car – place the lap piece of the seat-belt under your tummy, pulled snugly across your hips, and utilise the shoulder harness, which should fit comfortably between your breasts.

You may also observe your eyes becoming drier. Utilising over-the-counter lubricating drops may aid you with this. If your contact lenses grow uncomfortable, try wearing them for lower stretches of time. If you still have trouble, switch to glasses till your pregnancy gets over.