Pregnancy life changes in week 25

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Now your baby is developing their own everyday routines. As and when you reach twenty-five weeks of pregnancy, your baby will start establishing a play and sleep routine. It will also begin to recognise your voice! The baby starts to play and do ‘stunts’ like turning somersaults and wriggling around. They will then have a small nap so as to recover. You can often speak with them since they enjoy listening to your voice and they also respond to it by moving around.


They may also get excited by other sounds too, and you may well experience them having a bit of a boogie to some sounds – could be as apparent as the Hoover or car engine. However, music is one thing that might get them into the groove too. At this stage, you should be talking and singing to your baby because they are listening. You could also read to them too.

See how your baby is developing

  • Your little baby is beginning to put on some baby fat. And hence she looks more like a newborn.
  • The hair of your baby has texture and colour now. However, they might change after they are born.

Your baby measures around 13 1/2 inches from the head to the heels. His/her weight will be nearly 1 1/2 pounds, and this is nothing more than an average rutabaga. However, she’s beginning to replace her long, slim look for some baby fat. When this fat gets filled, her wrinkled skin will start to smooth out, and she’ll begin to appear more and more like a newborn. She’s also developing more hair – and if you could see it, you’d be able to observe its colour and texture.

How Big is Your Baby This Week?

When you reach the twenty-fifth week, your baby will be the size of acorn squash. He’s growing a firm grasp, and now he will be able to grab the umbilical cord. He will also be able to stick out his tongue!

Baby’s Length: The little one will now be around 13.62 inches in length.

Baby’s Weight: The weight of the baby will be 1.46 lb.


A glimpse inside your womb

Fat: Your baby is working to put on baby fat. As he does, his skin will begin to smooth out. Now that he has gained some weight, he will look more like a newborn.

Hair: The hair of your baby will now be having a recognisable colour and texture. But it might change after they are born.

Uterus: The uterus is growing, and it will apply pressure on the veins that deliver blood to the heart, and for this reason you may feel lightheaded if you lie on your back for quite some time.


How your life’s changing

We now know that the baby starts to grow hair on the scalp. However, it is not the baby who is growing hair, but your locks may look fuller and more radiant too. The hair growth occurs mainly because of the hormonal changes. The hair that you’d usually shed is holding around longer than usual. However, the extra hair will fall out after your baby is born.

You may also find that you can’t move about as smoothly as before. Unless your healthcare provider has instructed you otherwise, it’s okay to proceed to exercise, but make sure that you follow a few safety rules. You should not workout when you’re feeling overly exhausted and stop if you feel any dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath. Make sure that you don’t lie flat on your back, and shun contact sports as well as any workouts where you’re likely to lose your balance. Moreover, don’t forget to hydrate. So drink plenty of water, and make time for the warm-up and cool-down periods.

You are likely to have a glucose-screening test at 24 to 28 weeks. At that time, the second tube of blood may be taken so as to check for anaemia. If blood tests reveal that you have iron-deficiency anaemia, which is the most common type of anaemia, your healthcare provider will apparently suggest that you take an iron supplement.