Pregnancy life changes in week 8

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Eight weeks and your baby is about two centimetres long!! How fast is that?? Now you know how fast your baby is growing inside you. As and when you reach two months of your pregnancy, you would rather feel lots of changes. Now you really get the feeling of getting pregnant!

Even though your baby reaches two centimetres long, it is still small in size. I mean, two centimetres, how big would that be? However, it is still growing and developing every single day. When you reach eight weeks of your pregnancy, your baby will be growing at about 1 millimetre each day, and the amniotic fluid in your womb rises by two tablespoons each week.

This is the time when you call your baby a ‘foetus’, which means ‘offspring’. However, it is still obtaining the nutrition from the yolk sac instead of the placenta. The placenta will be developing over the next few weeks, and it will form structures which are known as ‘chorionic villi’ which assists in attaching the placenta to the womb wall.

By now, your baby’s  little fingers and toes would have formed and it would be webbed right now and will continue to be so for numerous weeks. Moreover, their heart will be beating incredibly upto 160 beats per minute! It is in this week that your baby’s lungs develop with the breathing tube stretching from the throat to the lungs, though in their brain, nerve cells are forking out and joining to form primitive neutral pathways.

In the eighth week, your baby’s skin will be still paper thin, and it will also have that almost transparent, embryonic appearance. The colour pigment in their eyes also begins to form at about eight weeks, but they will not be open  properly until about 26 weeks.  On the other hand, you will find that the eyelids cover their eyes completely at this point.

See how your baby is developing

  • The nerve cells that are present in your baby’s brain are branching out so as to join with one another.
  • The baby’s hands will be flexed at the wrist and will meet over the heart.

Now this week, your baby’s feets and hands will develop in to webbed fingers and toes. Moreover, the eyelids will completely cover its eyes; breathing tubes spread from his throat to the branches of his developing lungs, and you will also find that his “tail” is almost gone. In the brain, the nerve cells are forking out to join with each another, thus forming primitive neural pathways. The external genitals haven’t grown enough so as to expose the baby’s sex. However, your baby, which is now the size of a kidney bean will be moving around (but you will not be able to feel it yet).

Even in eight weeks time, you won’t be able to see a baby bump. However, your womb will be already twice its normal size! You might notice that this causes you to pee more often as it pushes down on your bladder.

You will have your booking appointment in place now and would probably be pondering about all the things you want to speak to the midwife about, like antenatal screening tests.

However, if you feel really exhausted even at this point and feel like taking rest and getting plenty of sleep, then you should go for it. It’s not good to fight back your weariness since it will just make you worn out. There are several ways to make the morning sickness bearable if you are having a tough time with the morning sickness. So you just need to browse the internet, and you will get the appropriate tips for it.

How Big is Your Baby This Week?

By the time it is eight weeks, your baby would be nearly the size of a cranberry bean. You will find that the baby’s hands and feet would have grown in to webbed fingers and toes. Soon this extra tissue between his fingers and toes will be reabsorbed to expose separate fingers and toes.

Baby’s Length: Your baby is around 0.63 inches.

Baby’s Weight: Your baby now weighs less than 0.04 oz.

Note: From the eighth week to the twentieth week, measurements are taken from crown to the rump.


A peek inside your womb

Brain: The nerve cells present in the baby’s brain will start branching out so as to join with one another, thus forming primitive neural pathways.

Eyelid: The baby forms translucent eyelids which will now completely cover the eyes of the baby.

Hand: The baby’s hands will be flexed at the wrist and will meet over the heart. The fingers are still somewhat webbed but developing longer.

Knee joint: Your baby must have formed his knees, and the feet may be long enough to meet in front of the baby’s body.


How your life’s changing

Increasing levels of hormones will cause the growth of breast and other changes in the tissue, all in preparation for lactation. There will be a lot of hormonal changes happening in your body, and there will be a dramatic increase in progesterone. This will be one of the factors that contribute to your sluggishness. Nausea and vomiting can certainly cost you energy, too. And you may be having problems getting a good night’s sleep, particularly if you’re uncomfortable or notice that you need to get up to pee.