Pregnancy life changes in week 11

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Week eleven and your baby is starting to look like an actual little person, and you may even have the smallest hint of a bump!

It won’t be long before your baby is completely formed, even at just 4 cm long, and then it will spend the rest of the pregnancy in developing. They already have tiny fingernails in place, and their hands will shortly start to close and open. Though it’s still too early to determine the gender by ultrasound, your tiny baby will be beginning to develop testes or ovaries.

As and when you reach 11 weeks, the baby’s head will be developed quite well and all the bones in their face will be now present. Around this time the ears will have moved closer to their final location. Moreover, the palate and tongue will be present in the mouth and at the tip of the nose, there will be nasal passages. In the meantime, the hair follicles will start to develop on the crown of their head.

Their body is beginning to straighten out, and it will become more proportionate, though their head still makes up one-third of their total length. Your baby will be doing a number of wriggling and will now capable of stretching and somersaulting inside the womb. However, you won’t be able to feel it. This is also the time when the diaphragm of the baby forms and thus the baby may experience hiccups too.

See how your baby is developing

  • The blood vessels of the baby will be visible through the skin.
  • Tiny tooth buds begin to appear under the gum of the baby.

Your baby is just about the size of that of a fig and is only above one and a half inches and will be fully formed. Her hands will shortly open and close into fists; under the gums, there will be tiny tooth buds appearing and some of her bones will start to harden.

The baby will be kicking and stretching already, and these movements will become more common as the baby’s body grows and becomes more refined and functional. You will have to wait for two more months if you want to really feel the ‘kick’ and other movements of the baby.

How Big is Your Baby This Week?

When you reach 11 weeks, your baby will have grown up to the size of a Brussels sprout. From this stage through the twentieth week of your pregnancy, the baby will increase 30-fold in weight and also three times in length.

Baby’s Length: The weight of the baby will be around 1.61 inches now.

Baby’s Weight: The baby will weigh nearly 0.25 oz.


A glimpse inside your womb

Bone: the bones of your baby begin to harden, and the tiny tooth buds will start to appear under the gums.

Hand: Now is the time when the baby will be able to close and open the fists.

Skin: the baby’s skin will still be transparent, and you will be able to see many blood vessels too.

How your life’s changing

If you’re just like most women, you’re feeling a tad more energetic now, and your nausea may be fading. Sadly, you may also be suffering from constipation, which is caused by hormonal changes, which can slow the digestion. Other than that you may also feel heartburn, which is caused by the hormones again, relaxing the valve between your stomach and oesophagus. You should always keep in mind that all this trouble is for a good cause.

Sometimes you might feel that eating food is quite impossible because of nausea. However, you don’t have to worry over that. Some experts say that if you began at a healthy pre-pregnancy weight, you gain 1 to 5 pounds during the first trimester. Your appetite will probably return soon, and you’ll begin to gain about a pound a week.