What Will Happen After A Miscarriage?

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Miscarriage or the pregnancy loss may result in a roller coaster of emotions as well as physical symptoms, when the body is trying to recover.

What to expect physically after a miscarriage?

It may take about few weeks to a month or more to recover physically from a miscarriage and the recovery will depend on how far along you were into the pregnancy.

Some women experience the following physical effects:

  • Vaginal bleeding that may last up to a week after a miscarriage.
  • Light bleeding, or spotting.
  • Depending on your menstrual cycle, normal periods should resume in 3-6 weeks.
  • Lower abdominal pain that may last up to 2 days after the miscarriage.
  • Breast discomfort, engorgement or leaking milk; which may stop within a week.
  • Some pregnancy hormones remain in the blood for one to two months even after a miscarriage.

How to prevent infection?

After consulting the doctor, there are several things you can do until the bleeding stops to help prevent infection.

These include:

  • Use sanitary pads rather than tampons.
  • Do not douche
  • Take showers instead of baths
  • Do not go into swimming pools or hot tubs
  • Do not have sexual intercourse

And also if there is an antibiotic prescription, it is very important to take the antibiotic exactly until all the medication is gone.

When to return to the normal activities?

You may resume normal activities once you are comfortable or as soon as you feel able. However, it is wise to consult doctor for more specific instructions regarding any vigorous or strenuous exercise.