Pregnancy life changes in week 30

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Now is the time to start the countdown. Your bundle of joy is going to arrive soon the countdown begins. Your baby will be here very soon!

The baby will be now completely developed, but there will be some more fine-tuning going on as the final pieces of the complex baby-making jigsaw are put in place!

The baby will be now measuring approximately 39cm in length and would be weighing nearly 3lbs and is proceeding to put on weight. If at all you advance into premature labour, your baby would be brought to a special care baby unit, but they would have an excellent chance of survival.

The baby’s small lungs are not quite mature enough to support them in the outside world at this stage, and their brain is transforming its appearance, getting on the grooves and ridges that make it resemble the same as adults’. These wrinkles will increase to provide more space for the brain tissue to grow and progress.


The Lanugo hair will begin to disappear as the new brain cells and fat assist to regulate the body temperature for the remaining weeks in the womb. Their bone marrow is also beginning to produce Red Blood Cells or RBC set for development and growth after the delivery.

The digestive track of your baby is now almost entirely developed and will soon be ready for mouth feeding after the birth.

It’s possible that if they aren’t already your baby will start to move head downward and to the ‘engaged’ position. There’s about a litre of amniotic fluid enclosing the baby, but this will lower as they proceed to grow into the final weeks.

See how your baby is developing

  • Over the next few weeks, the amount of amniotic fluid will rise and then it will diminish.
  • Your baby will change his head toward a constant, bright light from outside.


Now your baby is only about 15.7 inches long. He/she weighs nearly 3 pounds, which is around the size of a large cabbage. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid envelopes him/her, but that amount will shrink as she gets bulks up and takes up more space in your uterus. The eyesight of the baby continues to develop, although it’s not very strong; even after the baby is born, he/she will keep her eyes shut for a good part of the day. When she actually opens them, she’ll react to changes in light but will have about 20/400 vision – which implies that she can only make out things that are a few inches from her face. A normal adult vision is nearly 20/20.

How Big is Your Baby This Week?

When you reach 30 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby will be almost the size of a big cabbage. The baby must have already begun its cycles of sleeping and waking. After 30 to 90 minutes of snoozing, it may give you a kick to make you know she’s awake.

Baby’s Length: The baby will be now around 15.71 inches in length.

Baby’s Weight: He/she will weight about 2.91 lbs.


A glimpse inside your womb

Amniotic fluid: Your baby will be enveloped by a pint and a half of the amniotic fluid. That amount will rise over the next few weeks and then reduce as your baby gets grows and fills out your uterus.

Eye: Your baby can differentiate between light and dark. At birth, her vision will be nearly 20/400, which implies that she can only make out objects within a few inches away from her face.

Uterus: As and when your uterus expands, your balance will be off, and you may appear clumsy.


How your life’s changing



Tired? It is quite common to get tired these days, particularly if you have some trouble with sleeping. You may also feel cumbersome than normal, which is absolutely understandable. The pregnancy can make you heavy. However, the concentration of weight in your tummy may cause a variation in your centre of gravity. Additionally, thanks to hormonal fluctuations, your ligaments will be more lax, so your joints become more looser, which may also add to your balance being a bit off.

Furthermore, this relaxation of your ligaments can let your feet to spread permanently. Hence you may need to spend some money in buying new shoes of a bigger size. The blend of uncomfortable signs and hormonal differences can result in a return of those emotional ups and downs. Most of the women tend to think more about the pregnancy and get worried about it. However, if you feel increasingly tense or agitated, you need to speak to your doctor or midwife. You may be amongst the 1 in 10 expectant women who fight depression during pregnancy. Also, let your healthcare provider understand if you’re often nervous or anxious.