Pregnancy cravings

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Fed up with your changing taste preference every day? It is very natural to have a particular craving for a particular dish during your pregnancy period. You are not alone! It can range from something really normal like having an increased affinity for sour food to an uncontrollable urge to sniff tyres or nibble chalks.

About half of women in the United States report at least one food craving or complete aversion towards some food which they found very appealing during their term of pregnancy.  And those cravings aren’t all for pickles and ice cream. They often run the gamut. Most of these cravings come out of nowhere, and they can also seem to get stronger every other day.  It can transform a complete meat-eater into a veggie lover and make a pure vegitarian crave for a beef steak. Weird. Isn’t it?

What causes them?


One shot. Hormones. Every pregnant woman who goes through an extreme hormonal change will have to go through his weird phase, where they will have no space to figure out what’s happening around. Pregnancy hormones play the key role here especially during the very early stages of pregnancy since your body is flooded with them.  There are some counter theories that suggests it’s simply because you lack the vital elements that are inevitable during pregnancy and these cravings will compensate them. When you crave for milk, it might be because your body needs calcium. Likewise, when you have a craving for fruits or vegetables, that could mean that your body needs more of vitamin C or any corresponding elements. Some of the very common cravings during pregnancy includes chocolate, salty snacks, sour pickles, etc. Scientists think it’s mostly because your body needs more calories during those period.

What you should know


It can be practically impossible for one to fight these cravings naturally so, all you have to do is reason your cravings and aversions. Keep in mind that they will all vanish by the end of the fourth month when your body get adjusted to the hormonal tides. Some women also crave foods (such as flour or corn starch) which might be harmless in smaller quantities but could lead to severe gastrointestinal problems if consumed in large quantity.

It is possible that these cravings are caused mostly by environmental influences and also due to biological and psychological factors to an extent. The advice that flood from others during the period of pregnancy can misguide you to eat and drink in abundance which is in fact, unhealthy.

What you can do ?

  • Try to avoid going crazy with pregnancy cravings that do nothing for you nutritionally even when you go for it. For example, go for a small bar of chocolate when you crave for it rather than a four serve chocolate pudding.
  • When you get cravings, take a walk, go to the gym, call you best friend and chat for some time. Taking your mind off the thought itself will help you reduce them.
  • Address your cravings once in a while (Strictly not for alcohol) and eat healthy during the rest of the times.
  • If you have weird cravings for clay, ashes or laundry, this condition is called pica which implies nutritional deficiency, iron in particular.
  • Never skip your breakfast for that will make your cravings stronger. Also, find some time for regular exercises.

What you can do about your dislikes


Look for food supplements if you think your aversion towards food is adversely affecting your health.  Also talk to your doctor about the newly FDA-approved drug Diclegis, which can relieve common early pregnancy symptoms related to nausea.