Why You Should Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery

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Have you found yourself worried of shaving your pubic hair before delivery? If you are approaching your due date, this might be the one question that must be lingering in your mind.

Before getting admitted most hospitals would advise that you shave your pubic hair. This recommendation is made in order to rule out any instances of infection and to make your childbirth a hygienic one. This is why the pubic hair shaving has become one of the standard procedure for cesarian as well as vaginal delivery.


Why Shave Pubic Hair Before Delivery?


There are many reasons for compulsory shaving off your pubic hair before you deliver your baby and this norm has been followed for many years. Some of the reasons are enlisted below:

  • As the pubic area remains clean and neat, it will be rather easy for maintaining it through your postpartum period.
  • The pregnant ladies shouldn’t feel embarrassed as her genitals are exposed in front of her midwives as well as doctors.
  • It would be helpful for cutting and suturing the perineum during the vaginal birth.
  • If the perineum hair is not shaved off before the deliver your baby, there is a chance that it might trigger maternal infection. So in order to eliminate the chance of maternal infection shaving your pubic hair is recommended.


Concerns About Shaving Before Delivery:


It is natural for you to be concerned about shaving your pubic hair as a pregnant mom. It is just going to get worse if it is your initial delivery. Some women might even shake at the thought of placing razor in your pubic area or lower belly. But there are so many ways to try and ease your feelings. Here are some of the tips:

  • Talk to your physician and let him know your concerns related to shaving your pubic hair. By doing so, you will become aware of the various reasons why the doctors insist that you get your pubic hair shaved.
  • It is better that you have an open conversation with your relatives or friends to know their experiences. And this would change your fear about this procedure, after all, it is just a teeny weeny part of such a huge process.
  • Another option you could consider is joining an online forum that is meant for pregnant moms and try to know their opinions with a discussion. I am sure that talking with pregnant women will make a huge difference.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from your mom, sister or your spouse for cleaning your pubic hair. If you are not having a Cesarian section consider shaving off your pubic hair completely.


Essential Tips To Remember:


As a part of the standard procedure of childbirth, midwives or nurses will be helping you in shaving your pubic hair. Here are some tips that will help you during such time:

  • There is no reason to feel embarrassed about this as the midwives or nurses who are helping you in cleaning your pubic hair have already seen several pregnant ladies, and as it is their career, it is just a routine for them.
  • It is better that you request your midwife or nurse that they open the razor in your presence only so that you could be sure that it is a sterile and fresh razor they are using.
  • If the shaving process is hurtful or rough in anyway, you should let the midwife or nurse know that. This is crucial as the tiny cuts caused due to shaving could trigger an infection.
  • Shaving off your pubic hair is just a minor thing in this whole childbirth procedure, be it a cesarian section or vaginal birth and there is absolutely no need to spend sleepless nights thinking about it!


You could convey it to your doctor if you hate shaving as you are terrified of that uneasy feeling you get when your hair starts to grow back. You should ask your doctor if clipping the hair or trimming is advisable. Let your physician decide what’s best for you.