Say goodbye to headaches during pregnancy

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When your body encounters hormonal changes, it sometimes triggers headaches along with it. You might find these headaches more common during your early pregnancy period. Progesterone is one hormone in your body which assists in relaxing your womb or the uterus and also the blood vessels, which includes those in your neck and head. The pounding of the blood in the veins thus causes the headaches.

Apart from that, if there is any sort of variation in your blood pressure, then you are likely to get tension-type headaches. If you are a person who frequently has a migraine or a headache even before you were pregnant, then the chances are that you might get it even more often during your early pregnancy stage. However, there are also some cases wherein the women tended to get less severe and less frequent headaches after becoming pregnant. Your headache can sometimes become more frequent or more intense based on your tiredness,  dehydration, hunger, anxiety or even by not having enough exercise.

How to prevent these headaches?

If you wish to prevent or perhaps reduce those mild headaches during your pregnancy without taking any pills, then you can try the remedies mentioned below:

Cool Compress: In this method, you need to lie down and then keep a cool compress on your head. This will help you relieve from those mild headaches.

Avoid headache triggers: For some people, the odour or smell of certain foods might trigger a migraine. If you have had any experience before, then you may need to avoid that food stuff. You can perhaps keep a headache diary in which you can write down all those ‘headache-triggering agents’.

Include physical activity in your daily routine: This is one important thing that you should take into consideration. You need not go for any intense workouts. However, make sure that you do moderate exercises every day (or perhaps just take a daily walk).

Manage stress: You can have loads of stress regarding your work or sometimes even your life. However, you should make sure that you find a healthy way to manage all those stresses.

Practice relaxation techniques: There are several ways in which you can relax your mind and body. A light massage, yoga or doing any breathing exercise will help you out with that.

Eat regularly: Make sure that you eat the right food at the right time. Skipping meals and having one large meal is not a good way of ‘treating your body’. Eating healthy will make you healthy. Apart from that, you should also make sure that you drink sufficient water. Do not let your body get dehydrated.

Follow a regular sleep schedule: Getting enough sleep plays an important part when it comes to headaches. If you don’t get the right amount of sleep, then it might lead to headaches during the pregnancy.

Consider biofeedback: This is a mind-body technique in which you will be able to learn to control specific bodily functions like muscle tension, blood pressure or even heart rate and thus prevent or reduce headaches. If this is the kind of method you would like to adopt for headaches during pregnancy, then you just need to tell it to your health care provider, who might help you find a biofeedback therapist.


Rest and relaxation

Rest is something you need to take especially when you have had a hectic day at work. Perhaps you could even take a day off from your work and relax. Make sure that you go to bed early most of the time. You can relax yourself by going for walks, grab some fresh air, take strolls in the evening, exercise, swim or do anything that is not your ‘daily routine’.

Eating well

Just like sleep, eating healthy not only helps in making you stay fit but also helps you to ward off headaches. You might find varieties of processed foods made available in the market. However, you should make sure that you dodge all those and go healthy by having foods that provide the right amount of nutrients. However, if you have morning sickness (which occurs most of the time during early pregnancy stage), then you may nibble on anything which you find is healthy and soothing for your stomach. Make sure that you do not leave your stomach empty for a long period of time. When you eat regularly, your blood sugar levels gets maintained. If larger meals are not your ‘cup of tea’, then you may consider having small meals (with smaller portions) daily. You can even have dried fruits like apricots or nuts such as almonds when you feel hungry while at the office.

Drink Plenty Of Water


Coffee is one energising drink you can have in the morning. However, when it comes to keeping your body hydrated, you need to cut off that caffeine off your list. You should make sure that you drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day. There are certain teas which are naturally caffeine free; you can have them instead of green tea (which is high in caffeine when compared with the rest)


A good posture can save you from a lot of damaging health conditions, which also includes headaches. You should adjust your chair while at the office or even while driving and make sure that your posture is right while sitting. Sometimes you may need to keep changing the angle of your rearview mirror of your car since your posture tends to keep varying. Thus, when you strain your neck to get a view out of the mirror, then it may cause headaches.

Apart from that, you should make sure that your bed pillows are not very high so that your neck is kept at a normal level. Yoy should also make sure that you replace your mattress if it is more than seven years old. They may not harm you directly, but your back might sometimes get affected because of the aged matress. The pain in your back will later in get transferred to your head and neck.

Easing Headache

You can either take rest or go for a gentle stroll in fresh air when you find that you have a slight headache. For some, even taking a light nap could work.

Moreover, you can also place any one of the below-mentioned things, atop of the area of your pain:

  • A bag of frozen peas
  • A tea-towel compress that has been soaked in lukewarm or cold water (as per your preference)
  • An herbal or wheat pillow which is heated carefully in the microwave

You could also try taking a cold shower, which can help in stimulating your blood vessels and thus make them constrict, which, in turn, might reduce pain. Massaging head using hair-washing motion will also help in reducing the headaches since it works directly on the blood vessels in the head.

Alternate therapies

There’s mixed evidence about how effective complementary therapies are for treating headaches. But you may want to try them, especially if you’re reluctant to take painkillers while you’re pregnant. Always see a registered, insured therapist who’s experienced in treating pregnant women. You can try acupuncture and acupressure, aromatherapy, bach flower remedies, biofeedback, herbal remedies, homeopathy, osteopathy and chiropractic and reflexology.

One thing you should note is that most of the pregnant women can safely take acetaminophen (Tylenol) so as to manage those infrequent headaches. Your physicist might be able to recommend other medications as well. However, before you do anything, you should make sure that your health care provider says a ‘yes’ (which also includes herbal treatments)