Top 14 fears that haunt you during pregnancy

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It is quite normal to get tensed and start worrying about things during your pregnancy. Throughout her pregnancy term, there are numerous fears an expectant mother faces. And all those fears are created relating to emotions, hormones, past experiences, myths and even rumours. In your early pregnancy term, it is significant that you get educated so that you can try and calm yourself. Here we have listed some of the few real facts that have been found common among pregnant ladies by doctors.

Losing the baby

The fear of losing your baby constantly haunts every pregnant lady, and it is real hard to get over it. The woman in the age limit of 35, it comes up to 10 to 12 percent, and for 35 to 39 year old, it is 18 percent. The miscarriage is one serious issue faced within the first trimester and happens within around 15-25 percent of all pregnancies. Even though from about twelve weeks onwards the risk is significantly lessened.


Baby not getting enough to eat

As a result of morning sickness and other bodily changes, it is quite natural in pregnant ladies to lose appetite, and the intake of food gets reduced. What happens is the babies absorb all the nutrition from the food you take, and you get weak. Make sure you have your regular vitamins and try eating small frequent meals because those little bites might be less overwhelming to your digestive system.


Eating something that would harm baby

Pregnant ladies get plenty of advice regarding, what to eat and what not to eat, so it is easy to get over obsessed with everything you come in contact with. Aside from biggies like seafood, unpasteurized cheese or milk, raw meat and for sure booze there aren’t many things that should be avoided. Even the caffeine which is claimed as unsafe during pregnancy period can still be consumed in moderate doses. You could do a lot to help ensure the health of your baby like eating healthy, exercising and doing things to keep your spirits high, Taking prenatal vitamins.

Eating something that would harm baby-pregnancy

Too much stress

Isn’t it funny that the pregnant ladies stress over themselves from the fear of harming their baby from the amount of stress they are experiencing. According to certain experts, the stress is actually good for a significant amount of stress will release hormones that are good for both, baby and mother. The lower birth weight babies and severe stress has been associated statistically.

Too much stress-pregnancy

Birth defect

Almost 97 out of 100 babies arrive without any major birth defect in the US such as Down syndrome or spina bifida. As you can see, it is the optimistic way of seeing the 3 percent risk of delivering a baby who does have one. Also, many other birth defects like webbed toes, heart defects, club foot are very minor and treatable.

Birth defect-pregnancy

Preterm labour

About 10 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S are affected by it but as most of these cases are related to mums who is on the verge of it and have been warned by the doctors.

Preterm labour-pregnancy

Weight Gain

While they are pregnant, obviously they put on weight. Although the women are aware of this fact, still they worry about the weight gain while they are pregnant. The real problem is that 14-20% of the mother’s keep some of the weight they gain during pregnancy. However, it is a solid fact that you can reduce your body weight by following a steady diet and exercise.

Weight Gain-pregnancy


Preeclampsia, the risk of developing high blood pressures between 5 and 8 percent. There are no adverse health effects followed by Preeclampsia as it arises so late. The risks are pretty low for gestational diabetes; it is a condition where your body loses its ability to process sugar properly, and as a result, it gets accumulated in the bloodstream.

Complications pregnancy


The fear of having sex during pregnancy is natural with most women, and also the concern of sex after childbirth will ever be the same again. But the truth is, the sex is safe as long as your doctor doesn’t stop you from having it.

Labour pain

The sheer fear of labour and delivery is apparent in almost every pregnant woman but more significant in the case of first-time expectant mothers. There are so many ways to reduce your pain and anxiety if you wish to avoid medication; try changing positions often during labour, labouring in a tub of water and also practising relaxation techniques following guided imagery.

Labour pain-pregnancy

Embarrassing events

The worry of throwing up on a nurse or pooping on the table is in vein as it won’t matter in the actual time of delivery. I am sure the only thing you will be worrying about is getting your baby out and seeing your baby’s face for the very first time.

Emergency C-Section

Usually, the C-sections are planned and not spontaneous. They consider the options ahead of time with everyone involved as doctors normally know of the problem even before the baby is in the position to be vaginally delivered.

Getting to the hospital on time

In real life, it is rare that a woman gives birth to a baby in a Taxi or on a bathroom floor. You still face an average of six hours for the first stage of labour from the time your cervix is dilated 4 centimetres and yet another two hours of pushing.

Not being a good mum

Our capability as humans to bond is eternal. It’s always taken as a positive sign if you are concerned about being a good parent.