6 private home hazards during pregnancy

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If you are thinking of the various chemicals you come in contact with every day from cleaning supplies to pesticides; you may be bothered about their impact on the health of your unborn baby and your health as well. Well, the good news is, most of the chemicals you face every day is not going to cause a risk to your growing baby. The exposure to chemicals can occur in many ways. You could either breathe it in, ingest it via beverages or food items. And in some cases, it gets absorbed through your skin.

Paint fumes

While you’re pregnant, it’s best that you avoid the exposure to paint and paint fumes. The solvent is contained in most paints, which is a petroleum-based chemical that can cause severe health problems if you happen to inhale too much. Solvent has the potential ability to dissolve other substances and may also be found in varnish removers, household cleaners, paint thinners and alcohols. As per the study conducted by the Canadian University, the women who got exposed to solvents while they were in the first trimester of pregnancy was more likely to have a baby with major birth defect than the unexposed women. Another finding from the study was, the women who were exposed to solvents like Glycol had almost three times more chance to miscarry than unexposed women. By any chance, if you had to work with solvents while you are pregnant, make sure you read the labels carefully and try to avoid toxic products such as oven cleaners. It’s best to work with your gloves on, never drink or eat in the area and work in a well-ventilated area.


Cleaning products

Forget what you heard as most cleaning products are harmless to use during pregnancy but put some special effort to use them carefully. While you are cleaning get your rubber gloves on, go for a natural cleanser and never blend cleaning products like bleach and ammonia as the smell can make you sick, clean in a well-ventilated area where you keep doors and windows wide open. Like I said before, avoid contact with oven cleaner. It is highly dangerous to breathe and particularly in the close quarters of your oven. Just make sure you avoid the usage of all those products on which it says poison, corrosive, danger, toxic even if you used it smoothly before you were pregnant.

Cleaning products-pregnancy

Pesticide problems

I think the chances of you getting exposed to pesticides enough to harm your baby is less likely unless you work on a farm. Keep in mind that your baby’s nervous system as well as brain development will be affected severely due to pesticide exposure. Use insect traps and baits to get rid of critters. Even though there is no proof that small amount of pesticide might not harm your baby, it is still poisonous and is recommended that you avoid any sort of pesticide exposure. Some studies do imply that exposure of a pregnant woman to a huge amount of pesticides can lead to miscarriage, birth defects and preterm delivery. As a matter of fact, in a study conducted by the Colombian University showed that mother who was exposed to two normally used pesticides gave birth to smaller babies compared to women who were less exposed to pesticides. Implement less toxic options such as boric acid to control the pests and to eliminate the risk. In order to guard yourself against the pesticides found in food buy fresh veggies and fruits that are in season and peel them before use, trim skin from poultry and fat from meat, try to organic foods, wash and cleanse all fruits and vegetables under running water.

pesticide problems -pregnancy

Manicure and pedicure

The materials used in attaching and removing artificial nails have solvent in it. So the risk of infection from imperfectly sterilised equipment for anyone who is having a pedicure or manicure can’t be neglected. There is little or no evidence that the short exposure included in a pedicure or manicure is toxic to you and your baby. Better to be in a space with windows wide open.

Manicure and pedicure-pregnancy

Hair Colour and Perms

Most studies show that the chemicals involved in both permanent and semi-permanent dyes are not that toxic and are pretty safe to use during your pregnancy period. Also, a negligible amount of hair dye gets absorbed into the skin hence leaving a very little to the foetus. It is highly recommended that you avoid any chemicals while you are pregnant, especially on your scalp because it gets directly get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Hair Colour and Perms-pregnancy

Change the cat’s litter box

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection transmitted via infected cat poop. It is a very common infection seen among animals, people and birds. It doesn’t cause any serious problem in most people. Whereas in a growing baby it may lead to vision loss and maybe even brain damage. Still, the chances of getting it to growing baby through a mother are significantly low. Although you could reduce the risk of getting an infection by practising good hygiene. Let someone else change the kitty litter.

Change the cat's litter box-pregnancy